The Office Escapade

’ Just in case, let me give you a quick explanation. The original gloryhole was an opening in the wall of a video viewing booth at adult bookstores. Men would watch for couples entering the booth next door, and they would put their hard peckers through the opening to be sucked by the woman anonymously."

Yvonne took a deep, ragged breath...seeing the perverse imagination of Duane at work behind this setup. Lori and Theresa looked like they were in shock, Diane just kept staring at the cops.

Carson continued: "Now days, a gloryhole is any situation where a woman sucks and fucks a man in a way that both are anonymous to the other. Behind me, you see four cardboard booths...with a gloryhole at each end. One for each sexy woman who has earned the right to suck and fuck our cocks."

The group watched the women. Would they yell...curse...flip the bird and stomp out? Or, would they continue to sit in rapt silence -- drawing shallow, aroused breaths and launch their erecting nipples out like little stubby missiles?

None of them moved. None complained or protested.

Theresa’s husband stepped forward next. "The manila envelope I’m holding has four slips of paper in it," he said. "Each has a number on it. You’ll draw the slips to find out which gloryhole box you’ll crouch, in darkness and anonymity, inside. Keep your number secret."

The sexual electricity in the room was fairly crackling as he continued.

"Once you’re settled in the boxes, the men will return and we’ll draw our own numbers. One man will step up to each end of the box...and either fuck your pussy or mouth depending on which way you’re turned inside the box. After each of you has an orgasm...and after all of the eight men have cum...we’ll leave the room again, and you can climb out, clean up and get dressed."

The room was completely silent, except for the labored breathing of twelve people -- the eight marauding cocks and the four, now moist, pussies.

"No one will know who sucked and fucked who. Scott can’t harass anyone in particular, because he can’t be sure who he had sex with. The Canon guys can’t take liberties or get out of line, because the same is true for them. For all Theresa will know, it’s me who fucked her...or someone else. Diane can believe she was taken at both ends by cops -- but she’ll never know for sure."

Theresa’s husband surveyed the room.

"Safe. Anonymous. Fun."

He walked to where the four women were sitting in a surprised, aroused cluster...and offered the opened end of the envelope to his wife. She drew a slip of paper...opened it behind shrouded hands...and took a deep breath.

Next to draw was Lori. Her hands were shaking and her youthful face was shining in excitement and nervousness as she pulled a slip from the depths of the envelope.

Diane drew third...looking at the peace officers, who she hoped would prove to be her own private force of ‘piece’ officers soon.

Yvonne took the remaining slip of paper.

Theresa’s husband looked at each of them in turn. "Everybody know your number?"

They nodded. "Okay," he said, "fold them back up and return them to the envelope."

He walked back to the front of the room, and Duane stepped forward.

"We realized early on that there are a lot of ways to ‘cheat’ this game. For example, any clothes you leave on could give you away. So, both the men and the women will be completely nude for the main event."

He looked for objections, and seeing none continued.

"Ladies, you’ll be able to see quite a bit through the gloryhole in front of your face, and might figure out which man you were sucking. And, if the lids of the box aren’t secure, the men might be able to see enough of your back to figure out which woman he was pumping into. Either way, there would be a loss of the security of anonymity. So, we’re going to blindfold each of you. And, when you are on your hands and knees inside the box, we’re going to seal the top with box tape."

Yvonne spoke up. "Who’s going to blindfold us and seal the box? That person will know which box each of us is in."

Duane smiled at his online paramour. "That’s true. Since I’m the ‘stranger’ here...from out of town and all that...I was elected by the group to take care of those things. I won’t be around to ‘blow’ the secret."

Yvonne smiled her pretty smile. She thought that tonight, when she went to Duane’s hotel room, she could find out who did what to who. She liked the idea that, ultimately, she would have the secret.

"Just so you ladies know, the men will be paired off in these teams: Jared and Brad," the two Canon techs took theatrical bows..."Theresa’s husband and Carson," they waved like riders on a parade float..."our two cops," they tossed smart salutes..."and Scott and myself."

He gestured to Theresa’s hubby, who stepped forward with the envelope. "Gentlemen...let’s draw our numbers. Keep it to yourselves."

Jared drew and flashed the number to Brad. The older of the two cops pulled out a slip, and showed it to his younger partner. Carson drew, and quickly shared the number with Theresa’s hubby.

Duane looked at the four women’s male co-worker. "Why don’t you do the honors, Scott."

He pulled out the last slip with a smile on his face.

"Don’t bother showing me, buddy," Duane said. "I’ll just follow you to the right box...or the case may be."

Turning back to the women, Duane finished up. "One last element to make it even more random," he said. "Each pair of men will flip a coin outside, determining whether they get head or tail." The men laughed uproariously at that...the women smiled nervously. "Heads will be the end of the box facing the room, tails the end facing the wall."

He gestured toward the door. "Gents, please step into the hallway while I get the ladies ready."

The group filed out.


Duane had the four women stand and turn their backs to him. Around each of their heads, he wrapped a soft, triple layer cotton band that covered their eyes and tied securely in back.

"Okay, ladies," he said, "remove all your clothing."

They began hesitantly...then realized that none of the others could see them. Apparently, the knowledge that their co-workers would not lay eyes on their nude body created greater comfort, because the hesitation was replaced by aroused haste.

After taking the opportunity to admire the four sexy bodies standing before him...and reflecting that, whichever of them Scott had drawn, it would be a pleasure to plunder any mouth or pussy standing in beautiful nakedness in front of him...Duane took Yvonne by the hand, and carefully led the aroused woman to the table.

"Don’t say anything, Yvonne...just hold up the number of fingers for your box number."

She raised three fingers, and Duane moved a chair in front of box number three. Guiding her onto the chair, then helping her step up onto the table...finally assisting her as she stepped in the box, Duane guided Yvonne into position -- on her hands and knees facing the room...he folded the flaps of the carton closed and taped them into place.

Next was Lori. She held up four fingers, and he helped the youthful-looking woman settle into the end box. Diane showed a single digit, and he helped the randy female settle into box number one. Finally, Theresa was "packed away" in the second box.

All was in readiness...but he couldn’t resist a quick visit to box number three. He leaned down and whispered a quiet shush to the woman he’d fantasized over for months. Reaching through the head hole, he took one of her perky little breasts in his hand...squeezing and rubbing the soft flesh....then pinching and twisting the hard nipple hanging from the tip of her tit. She moaned softly. "See you tonight," he whispered, then stepped out of the room.


Only moments later, all eight men re-entered. Logan, the older cop, was last through the door, and he stopped to close and secure it. Then, the eight stripped out of their clothes -- revealing a pack of turgid cocks that were ready for the real installation that would happen that day.

Padding across the floor on bare feet, each stepped to the end of a box -- determined by random drawing and a flip of the coin -- and pushed the hardness of their meatstick into the darkness within.

The women...sensing the swollen pricks that had invaded their space...hungrily closed their lips around the fat heads and steely shafts of the cocks that swam in space before their blinded faces...and searched with rotating hips for the rod they knew was waiting to enter their hot, wet pussy.

Diane fed like a hungry calf on the man-meat in her mouth...picturing a hard-bodied policeman standing outside the box, groaning and sweating in pleasure as the woman who loved a man in uniform sucked him deep and hard. Behind her, another hard dick found pay dirt at the dripping slit between her legs. In her mind, she saw the other cop...his buttocks squeezing in muscular effort as he drove his hard flesh deep into her belly...over and over...until she was weak from repeated orgasms.

Theresa was nervous. In one part of her mind, she hoped that the cock she was sucking with such ardor...or the one plowing through the molten furrow of her overheated pussy...belonged to her husband. On the other hand, the aroused and lustful part of her mind...the one that loved her hubby’s kinky nature...hoped that it was two complete strangers using her mouth and cunt like the holes in a blow-up fuckdoll. Either way, there was one inescapable reality...the wife was more aroused than she could ever remember...her pussy was convulsing through what seemed like an endless string of orgasms...and she wanted...more than she could fully understand, to feel the two cocks empty their balls in her mouth and fuckhole.

Yvonne worked her pussy over the cock behind long, urgent strokes....while her tongue swirled over the pulsing dick in her mouth. She was cumming almost immediately...and didn’t stop cumming until her pussy and mouth were both flooded...almost simultaneously...with the semen of the two men who fate had put at each end of her lust-filled body.

Lori worked her athletic body back and forth between the two cocks that skewered her from each end...lost in bliss. She was covered in a sheen of sweat...moaning around the hard flesh that filled her mouth..."feeling the burn" and the ecstatic release of a deep, hard fucking.

The room resonated with grunts and groans...moans and sighs...the slap of flesh against flesh...until all twelve bodies were exhausted and drained of lust.


Duane had the room service dinner ready when the knock sounded at his door. He opened it to Yvonne’s smiling face. They fell into each other’s arms...and he pulled her into the room.

Yvonne broke the kiss long enough to whisper in his ear, "That was soooo fucking hot today, Duane!"

He chuckled...and enthusiastically nodded in agreement.

Looking at him seductively, Yvonne couldn’t hold back her curiosity any longer: "C’mon, baby," she pleaded. "Tell me who fucked me today!"

He laughed. "Two out of eight plundered you, slutty little Yvonne."

"Be nice! Tell me!"

"Okay," Duane answered, as he began opening her blouse, "you’re going to take my cock in all three of your willing holes."

She saw that he was not going to let her in on the secret...but it didn’t matter much. Not after his mouth found her hard nipple and his finger brushed over the sensitive tip of her clit.

The Office Escapade